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Original post by: Sarah ,


I have a problem with my fire tv stick, im using the tv remote and when i need to use the firestick remote i have to pair it but now im having a problem with my device, when i try to pair the remote from the settings it will just leave the pairing setting and every time i try it does the same thing so i tried to restart it from my device in the sitting but i cannot enter i just keep clicking on it and ablank page then back to settings i can enter the application but i cannot enter the my device and preference settings. I removed my tv stick for the tv and left for a few minutes now there is a bigger problem, when i go to the home screen it says that the device is no connected to the server and i need to restart it from the settings, how can i if the settings does not work and the remote also i even tried to use my mobile but i couldnt connect it( no code appeared to pair it)

What do i do?? Do i have to throw it a way??

I couldn't find a place to buy a new firetv stick its out of stock in my country.

Please help me