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Original post by: Luca ,


Hi, i got the same issue on my 2017 MBP 13” function keys - 2 thunderbolts.

Right around the start of April a black zone, a black line started to appear on the top of the screen.[br]

The line is just below the menu bar.[br]

It starts off as just a little grey fade, but as i use the computer for several hours, it gets pitch black and grows in size, reaching about 6-7 mm in “thickness” along the vertical of the display. Needless to say it stretches entirely horizontally.  If i leave the computer in idle or off for a few hours or overnight the line goes away, only to come back progressively after a couple of hours of use the next morning.[br]

Note: unlike a case stated above, i never used the notebook on a bed or something like that, it never became as hot as the sun. I totally do an intense use of it, but hey, it’s got “Pro” in the bloody name…

The line is just like the other reports, it doesn’t “hide the cursor”, it still kind of sort of shows content and it goes back to normal as the computer cools down, so I don’t think it’s dead pixels. As the hours passes it gets to “weird colours and text retention”, for example the address bar of Safari stays in the black area for a bit even if I switch to another app. Luckily (knocking on wood) the “damage” doesn’t seem to be spreading, or it’s doing so very very slowly. I now use the notebook’s own display the less time i can, relying mainly on my primary HDMI monitor, but still, my workflow needs multiple hours of dual-screen action each day.

Called Apple, they got me to verify a bounce of software stuff, reset the SMC and all that kind of things but no - problem is still there. They told me since my warranty expired in September 2019 i’m out of luck (in my country, 2 years warranty is the standard).

I seriously hope they do a recall for this, because we all know it’s only due to Apple’s crappy thermal design. When Apple stores re open post lockdown, i’ll try to go there, be a ##&&% about it and try to get them to recognise the issue as a factory defect…i seriously hope its like the butterfly thing, that seemed random and to affect few users initially but then exploded and Apple had to rectify it. I guess i’ll be hard on the “crap keyboard, now crappy display” and “good way to lose loyal customers”. I guess I’ll see.

Side question for you all: i also wanted to replace my thermal paste (actually came on iFixit to look for a “don’t mix up the screws” guide and found this thread in the process) to improve temps a bit, since we all know Apple loves to put crappy rock hard thermal compound in its thousands dollar machines…my warranty as said has already expired, last and only time the computer was opened was July 2019 for a warranty-covered battery and keyboard replacement (luckily that was a recall). Do you think that by opening it up myself i risk "upsetting” Apple even more when i’ll bring it in to try and get the screen replaced, and I’d better do it afterwards? Or since the machine is out of warranty anyway i shouldn’t care? Since i already know they’ll try to negate any responsibility for the screen defect, I don’t wanna give them the easy excuse of “someone else opened it and broke it”.

Thanks to everyone.