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Original post by: georges dimitry ,


Display not working & CPU overheating


Hello everyone,

I have an Alienware 15 R3 (i7-6700HQ & GTX 1070). Recently my laptop would overheat and its idle temp would be 92 C. I opened up the laptop repasted the GPU and CPU with arctic mx-4 and after the assembly the display wouldn’t work. The display works when booting with D + Power button and flashes all colors correctly. When connecting with an exterior monitor via HDMI the lcd display doesn’t show anything yet the external monitor works fine. The LCD display is not completely dim it emits some sort of light yet shows nothing. And unfortunately my idle temps even though it dropped to 80 is still too high i think for idle temps. I even undervolted the CPU and still the temps are that high.

How can i diagnose the issue with the LCD (I speculate it’s either the LCD cable or the cable’s socket on the motherboard) ?

Why are my idle temps this high and is this normal ?


Dell Alienware 15 R3