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Original post by: Dan ,


The reason I had asked you to supply more details as WD offered similar case designs between the HDD and SSD models so its very easy to mistake them.

HDD’s have moving parts and one of the parts it has is a head brake which holds the head arm from its rest position, its often the part you hear that makes a clicking noise.


SSD’s have no moving parts which could be a source for a clicking noise. Which is why I am very puzzled as I can’t explain the source of the sound.


In any case these drives cases are often welded so getting them open tends to damage the case permanently and if you’re not careful you can damage the internals for either drive type.

A mechanical HDD drive assembly as I’ve shown needs a clean room to open and service as dust in the air can destroy the head and disk surfaces.Basically its not serviceable by you or even me! A SSD might be repairable if a part can be identified as being damaged. But these tiny parts are not really viable and in some cases custom. So sadly they too are often not repairable.