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Original post by: Aaron Mason ,


Will this main board work with my tv?


I recently had a Samsung 50” Smart UHD TV (model#: '''UN50MU6300FXZA)''' stop working. The issues began with apps crashing to the point of the tv turning off and eventually erasing all of its content to factory settings after a crash on two separate occasions. The last crash left the tv unresponsive when it’s turned on. The Samsung smart tv logo appears and is briefly distorted to the right before turning to a blank screen and is unresponsive. I have tried several troubleshooting methods such as trying different outlets and holding down the power button but to no success. [br]

I have looked into getting it repaired but have decided it is not worth the cost. I have decided to attempt to fix it myself starting with replacing the main board. I see that there are two models of main board for my tv, '''BN94-12530J''' and '''BN94-12530L.''' My tv currently has the J model board and I was wondering if I could use the L model board.

if there are any other suggestions to fixing it please share.