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Original post by: Simon Gilbert ,


Why does my iPhone 7 act like the headphones are in


Good morning you lovely lot,

I’ve got an iPhone 7, my customer said he was at work (Dusty builder) and he had a call and they couldn’t hear him and the speaker was greyed out. He plugged headphones in and they could hear him. Also with the headphones out we cannot do voice notes, you click the button and nothing happens. Siri also tells us to disconnect the headphones to set up Siri. I’ve tried a new top flex cable and a now charging cable all with no luck, i’ve checked the top connection point and all seems fine. I have done a hard reset still and update still with no luck.

I am really hoping this is not the Audio IC,  What would everyone say and how do i check the Audio IC, i have a multi meter.

Thanks all


iPhone 7