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Original post by: Amy ,


What exactly are you saying '''''MUST''''' be done? You mention the '''''tab''''' on the '''''protective cover -''''' do you mean removing '''''it (protective cover)''''' prior to screwing back together?  It may be obvious to you (and others )but I need to be absolutely sure so as not to ruin the expensive parts I can barely afford to pay for. Having to buy another would be very difficult as I live in an EXTREMELY  fixed budget and had to beg, borrow, scrape and save to get this  screen and my skills of persuasion have been totally tapped out. I am very mechanically inclined and skilled as well as technically adept, but I’m placing  all my eggs in one basket here. Could you possible rephrase it in a  '''''‘Screen replacement for dummies’''''' version by any chance, PLEASE?  My bank account will definitely appreciate any assistance and guidance you might provide. Thank you SO much.