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Original post by: Susana Hockley ,


My phone isn't turning on or charging. Are there any permanent fixes?


So last month my phone (Samsung Galaxy note 4) stopped charging and wouldn’t turn on. The phone is about 7 years old.

The temporary solution I got was pressing the power and volume buttons down without the battery for a minute and then doing the same thing with the battery in. This worked long enough for me to back up the majority of my documents.

I need to turn it on one more time to back up a very important conversation I had going with  my best friend who passed away last year. However the temporary solution is no longer working and I really don’t want to lose this.

Are there any permanent fixes to this problem? Could I get some parts to be replaced to fix this? What would need to be done  to create a more permanent solution?.

Any helpful answers are appreciated.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4