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Original post by: Ran Van ,


* '''Your FireTV went to sleep and you just need to wake it up. You can wake up your FireTV by pressing the “Back” button on the remote.'''
* '''Try''' the Fire TV Remote Shortcuts to see if one of them will wake up your Fire TV.
* On the [easyazon_link identifier=” B00NO8JJZW” locale=”US” tag=”arizonacaorg-20″]Fire TV Remote[/easyazon_link], hold the REVERSE (or “rewind”) button and the UP button at the same time for 10 seconds.  Your FireTV should start switching through the different '''video display modes''' (or resolutions).  You can expect the light on your TV to change colors and/or blink.  When it switches to a display resolution that works, press the SELECT button to select that mode.  This will fix your display issue if your fireTV happens to be set to a video resolution not supported by the TV you have it plugged into. For more information have a look the source page which i found [|]