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Original post by: manish pal ,


i think there is a Confusion When it Comes to fixing Printer in Error State Problem. i have had this issue & Lets Understand the Problem First Before i tell you How to fix it -

there no exact cause of this Problem Your Printer can go into error State Because of many issues such as -

* Paper Jam & debris In Printer.
* Corrupted Printer Software OR blocked Printer Ports
* Wireless Router is Not connected Or Settings have recently changed
* Firewall Problems  or Non Supported Ink Cartridge

To fix this issue you must follow complete checkup on your Printer One by One & After each steps Just check whether the error is Gone or Not . Most of the time a Simple Restart is Enough to fix a Tech Glitch- Go to [|Fix Printer in error state Issue]

i am thinking this should help you