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Original post by: Steve Britten ,


What is really fundamental here is whether it happens in Windows or not in Windows. Is it a software problem or a hardware problem? It’s a very simple matter to rule out software if - from the instant you turn on the laptop unplugged (at the ASUS splash, for instance) - the screen is flickering, which was the case in my customer service - and probably for Wendy, too.  If it is happening at the ASUS splash it is hardware. Now I’ve read about 3 dozen complaints in a handful of forums and almost all of them said replacing the battery didn’t help.  Here’s Wendy that says replacing the screen fixed her problem.  Thanks for shedding some light on this mysterious problem, Wendy.  Bless you!  After reading your posts I replaced the screen and  the problem was gone. Would love to see the science on how a “weak” battery causes this, Dark VadeR.  And how do we know the battery was even weak? I just don’t see nearly enough questions being asked before people toss in their off-the-cuff diagnosis!