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Original post by: Brian ,


This is not all that difficult.....a bit time consuming. It's behind the glovebox. or part of the glovebox assembly i guess...... filter housing is behind the glovebox...... you pretty much have to take out the glovebox and bunch of varying kind screws, and remove some plastic that just isn't needed for first time replacement...... (yes cutting out a plastic bit in the way of the metal houseing where the filter is).

They are quite a few forums out there for Odessey owners ( i made the mistake of telling a relative who didn't know the filter existed),

the directions would be a long list to put here and prob. would not be as clear without pictures ( i like pictures), depends on how easy you find this kind of thing........however with this information it should be fairly easy to find directions....... honda dealer will have the filter and it's not very expensive.

The chilton or whatever manual also should show how to do it and might be best since it would show step by step....... guys at the dealership parts department are usually fairly helpful in giving a brief explanation if their not busy and you are somewhat familiar with how to do it.

Hope this helps at least somewhat. (don't drop screws and other things into the dash while it's apart is the best thing i can say)