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SMC a pain in the butt


This in a general question, and the reason why i am choosing not to post in Apple’s discussion is i would get the limited standard lecture.. I hope this would be more broad..

Why is SMC/PRAM such a problem?  It seems the “defacto” standard Apple users for just abut everything, from fan speeds too high, to power and everything in-between where as on Windows PC, you have noting of that, and half the complains too..

Is this because SMC is software and would cause more issues over say the BIOS in a PC ?

Of all the time i’ve ever used computers i’ve had more times resetting SMC on a Mac than i would ever had to fiddle with BIOS in Windows systems to “fix” things up that decided to go atray.

For some reason, it always puzzeled me for such a ‘perfect” system, why the the opposite?

e.g…  Apple has a habit of reckons “high” fan speed is considered normal, but a Windows system, we know all too well high fan speed points to indication of heat, and anyway to “reduce”that heat would be beneficial…

But Apple says it doesn’t matter, as it won’t destroy the system  (for some reason we’d rather go by “fail-safes’ than common sense)

Can someone explain this to me better than i can?

Comming from a Windows background, and dabbed in both systems… Windows clearly wins here… but that could be nly because i’m judging Apple based on a limited eco-system as well.


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