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Original post by: TheLastMillennial ,


Hi, does your computer recognize your calculator when you plug it in? If so, then there’s definitely a hardware problem with the screen and you’ll need to [|contact TI Cares] to get a replacement calculator.  Thankfully your calculator is still covered under the 1 year warranty.

If you want, you can try to run a LCD self test to see if it changes your screen at all. To do this:

# Turn the calculator on, then press [mode]>[alpha]>[s]. (If you’d like a video tutorial, I have one [|here].)
# Then press [enter] 3 times.
# Now press [1].
# The self test will start. Press [enter] slowly 8 times to cycle through each test.
# Press [enter] one more time to quit.

There may be a small chance that this is a software problem and I’d suggest following [guide|111572] just in case.