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Original post by: Cracks Are Wack ,


Late post, but I find there’s a couple different types of bend: The entire chassis is bent across the back, OR just a small part of the rim of the front is bent so that a screen won’t fit in there.

If the chassis is bent, I do what everyone else does basically, a flat press machine or a rolling pin.

If the rim of the frame is bent, and this is preventing the screen from sitting in place properly, I let customer know there are two options: Option 1 is replace the chassis with a new or used one. Option 2 is I take a sturdy pair of pliers and carefully physically remove the bent-in pieces of metal. This leaves unsightly gap on the portion of the rim removed, and the sharp edge then must be filed down (filing it down is a perfectly good method to begin with, but sometimes pliers help to get a good chunk off). Many customers however, appreciate this extra amount of work to save them money, and do not care that their phone is thereafter a tiny bit ugly in one corner, as long as the new screen fits and adheres well.