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Original post by: jsbattig ,


My MacBook Pro 13” at one point had one front left port stop working completely. It would not give power nor allow charging. The other port on the same side will provide power though but not work for charging.

On a work trip to our office in Ontario, CA, took the machine to the local Genius  bar in Victoria Gardens. Got tested and the genius bar guy reported that the USB left board was not working appropriately.  The machine also showed the same symptom of “thinking” it was constantly connected to power even when running on batteries (not ideal).

I was getting prepared to take the machine to our local authorized repair shop in Montevideo, Uruguay knowing it was going to be a 15 days adventure since dropping the laptop there.

After arriving to MVD there was a new Mac OS update which I applied, and after reboot all ports work again. Go figure.

By the way, I did do SMC and NVRAM resets, multiple times. The genius boy tried all of that and other things to no avail.

Not sure what to do now. I have no tried plugging power to this port, who knows, maybe the wattage will bring the port card to a bad state again. Not sure if take to repair shop anyway. Have not made my mind yet, but I thought worth sharing this story as I find the whole thing perplexing.