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Original post by: Samuel Massera ,


@bbfarms I wish I had a good answer but all I can do is relate with you. I have literally almost the same issue, I was out hiking in colorado this last summer, and I had a water bottle leak in my backpack, I felt it immediately was the water-soaked some clothes and leaked out. My iPhone xs was in one of the pockets and barely got wet and was there for maybe 30s. The phone was fine for another 20 mins just taking pictures and it looked dry when it suddenly just shut down. It never has turn on again since, 4 months now. And i cannot do anything except just pay full price $1150, bc mine was a 256gb.  Well anyway, I think Apple is 100% going for marketing and hiding behind water damage so it cant lose money. I’ve had friends swim and shower with their iPhone, which I have stayed away from bc I knew it was water-resistant, not proof. But this wasn’t 3 meters for 30 mins, it was in maybe a sprinkle of water. Why do they market it was so good and basically waterproof when the thing goes kaput bc of humidity?? I think maybe mine was a defect, bc in their iPhones aren’t made by Apple, they are manufactured in China. Anyway, imma see about getting a reduced repair or replacement plea. There is the September 2018 Keynote which the presenter said you would be fine dropping it in a pool, and in an Apple support page on the Apple website,  where they tell you to “rinse the affected area with tap water if a liquid other than water spills on your device.”