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You can get to the lvds cable easy enough just make sure you remove all the screws on the sides and back panel comes off unfotuanatly i have 6 cables from other macs that dont match one end or other. To get the screen outta loop you have to take  battery out and remove the memory sticks, hold the power button down for 30 to 45 seconds put sticks back in and should work unless the new screen pin configuration is one wire off if you look at board and where the plug goes in should line up if it doesnt then you have wrong plug.too explain best theres twenty wires but only half are actually touching 3wires then space 2wires space 4wires you get the point on the board the wires should line up with board where it plugs in there should be the same configeration to plug if not it confuses the grafics and keeps cycling sorry for spelling but hope it helps