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Original post by: giovannichiappe ,



I have an issue with mu MBP TouchBar 2018 13”. I was using an Anker USB hub for connect a HDMI screen. I use that adapter only when leave the office for meeting or connect to my screen at home. Worked so well, but las weekend, I tried to connect it to a TV and the screen of the TV was with “pollution”. I got back to my home and tested with my screen that always worked well and I had the same problem. I tested with the hub that I have in my office (Adam) and worked well. The next day I noticed that the Mac was connected and charging, but the battery percentage was going down, and if I remove the charger from the USB port, was still on connected and charging. I did several times the different type of reseting on startup and now I only can power the Mac from one USB-C ports at a very limited speed (15 hours to finish the battery charge). If a disconnect it, is very difficult to get it to charge again. Tested with different cables and charges, and is the same. Now I just tested connecting a USB flash drive and I can see them and use them. Looks like is only the charging.

Really I don’t know what to do, my warranty just finished like 1 and a half month ago. And in Chile we only have authorized distributors, their service is not professional. If some one know what to do, please let me know.