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Original post by: Miguel Ferreira ,


Hello all

I know this is an olde post, but i guess i have the unser why this laptops are so f***king Bad. Even Asus support is worst!!! i really thing that they are all random people that doent know nothing about pc’s /hardware…..

The major problem of Asus GL502VMK comes from the GPU….

I have a GL502VMK with a GTX1060 6GB, and one thing i notice is that the graffic card is getting too mutch Voltage.

on a load she is getting 1.2V this generats more heat in addition to CPU heat starts to throttle.

The factory clock for the GTX 1060 6Gb is 1440mhz on a normal load, and 1660mhz boost load ( arround this) and i notice that on this laptop is making on a normal load 1710mhz and on boost 2005mhz, this means that the graffic card is overcloked…. generating more heat….

using MSI afterburner, and underclock the GPU, i was abble to run Apex legends with normal settings and 120fps without glitch and freeze and the temps on CPU arrownd 69º and graffic card 59º/65º ….

But this was resoult of 2years of research of sullution for this PC…. i have spend mutch money and couldnt play any games!!  Despite of my attempt to see if asus could help and solve this problem, they gave me wrong info, and they dont know what the talk about…. them dont even know that is intel XMP profile….

1 thing is for sure, is that im will never get nothing from asus no more!!! im done with them….