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Original post by: stevengenat ,


What are the marks? All you are showing is the Wireless Card to M.2, I cant see any “weird marks on the logic board and SSD”

The symptoms that you are having are typical for an SSD that is not plugged in properly, its circuitry could be fulty or the SSD is on its way out,  which is unusual as god and reputed brands of SSD’s last a long time and are very reliable! I use a Samsung 960EVO and they are lighting fast and very reliable and the Samsung 960PRO are even better and quicker.

I suggest that you check how your SSD is pugged in an that are no faults there, firstly, then, see how the cabling to the SSD is to the mainboard. Check all that first before replacing your SSD to a reputable and known brand, that is what I did and never ver had problems.