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Looking at your panic report and your other symptoms your drive has problems!

At this point you’ll need to gain access to a second Mac to create a bootable OS installer or use it connected to your system in Target Disk Mode to repair your drive under Disk Utility - First Aid. But before you do that make sure you’ve backed up your data as your drive maybe beyond hope.

Frankly, I not a lover of Fusion Drive setups while they do offer a cheaper solution vs getting a larger SSD. While this config is OK for lightweight processing you maybe over-stretching your systems ability here as you also don’t have that much RAM with only 8 GB. This gets into how the system tries to extend its RAM using Virtual RAM which is where your drive is used to make up the difference. Given your applications you are running hard so the drive gets hit hard as well filling in the lack of RAM.

For now lets get the drive back working once you get it back you’ll need to up the RAM and make sure you are running 64bit apps as well. you will also need to get to MacOS Mojave (10.14.6) the latest.