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Original post by: Momo ,


Programming the circuit boards isn’t the problem — It’s either the SD CARD, or you 3DS Internal Memory(System Memory.)

Also, you 3DS has CFW…

One of the problems occurring with CFW, could be if you installed the dsiware-hack “Haaaaaaxxxxx”. My 3DS bricked(3 of them) before my 4th worked, so…

Oh, right: Have you been using R4, or TWLOADER/TWILIGHT-MENU? That could be the problem. My 3DS wouldn’t boot the whole time they were on there, so I used GODMODE9(or a different program) to programmatically delete them. After that, I practically let my 3DS DIE(Battery-Drain), and then re-charged it. After it was at 100%, I pressed the POWER BUTTON, and it booted up just fine.

Glad I could help,