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This sounds a lot like a hardware problem with a circuit that’s broken for that key column. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you fix the issue from the hardware side and from the information I gathered I don’t think you’ll be able to fix any hardware issues before your ACT.  However, MateoConLechuga may have  away to fix it through software

* Press [prgm] (If that button doesn’t work leave a reply and I’ll describe how to do it another way)
* Scroll to the right over to ‘NEW’ and press [enter]
* Type in the letter A and press [enter] again
* Press [2nd]>[0] and scroll down to '''Asm84CEPrgm''' (If this is crossed out in blue, leave a reply and I’ll describe how to do it another way)
* Press [enter]
* Now type in EXACTLY the following characters (they should be on the same line as the '''Asm84CEPrgm''' token)
* '''210100F53678C9'''
* Press [2nd]>[mode]
* Press [2nd]>[0] and scroll down to '''Asm(''' and press [enter]
* Press [prgm]
* Press [enter] on program A
* Your screen should look like '''Asm(prgmA'''  
* Press [enter]
* If it just says ‘Done’ then it should have worked. Try the buttons again and let me know if they work again!

Since your calculator may not be reliable, I think your best bet is to see if your ACT proctor has a spare calculator or if some student brought along a spare. If there’s no spares, then just know that most commands and operations you need are available in the catalogue (which you access by pressing [2nd]>[0]).