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Original post by: TommyJames337 ,


Howdy! If your MacBook Pro is the model A1226, then it is a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro.

The Santa Rosa MacBook Pros are built with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processors. These processors, when these particular MacBook Pros were being released, had a packaging defect and cause varying graphics issues. Because of these problems, Apple's Quality Control Program offers a free replacement for your logic board if you take it in 4 years within the original purchase date. Replacing the logic board will put an end to all of your graphics problems.

You can see [|Apple's official page on the matter].

I have gone to the Genius Bar for TWO of these free logic board replacements. It's a fabulously generous program that Apple is running. Especially after NVIDIA ensured Apple that they received none of the bad chips.

So, double-check the bottom of your MacBook Pro. Take a look at the model number. If it's a A1226 (or any of the other models the Apple page mentions), then it can be fixed for free!

The main question stands, however: did this "fuzziness" only suddenly appear, or is it simply something about the computer that you never liked? I'm sure it's not the case, but matte LCD displays diffuse the image behind them and cause it to be a little fuzzy. The glossy ones provide a crisp and perfect view.

Hope this helps!