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Original post by: Mohammed ,


Loud fan noise .. can’t find a solution!


Hi everyone..

my super slim’s fan goes wild when I play some high resolution games ex: dragon age  inquisition , red dead.

while when playing lighter games it doesn’t ex: don’t starve , urban  trail freestyle.

The loading of the game textures slows down and the movement of the characters slows down also when turning it off it takes a while Then it makes three peeps.

also when I turn it back on the noise of the fan still happens until I unplug the cable from the console then the console goes back to normal.

I have cleaned the console multiple times and it has good airflow also changed the thermal paste.

any solution will be very much appreciate.

i don’t know is the problem is with the cpu or something else.

I am very frustrated .. please help

I know it is very old but I still want to use it.


PlayStation 3 Super Slim