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JPB, the difference in the two compressors that you might notice is the variable voltage.  The compressor receives up to 300v plus. At start up it should have at lest 200v (depending on model). You’ll hear it running faster or slower depending on if the voltage is stepped up or down. I usually feel the compress for heat and vibration. If it’s hot to touch and condenser is cool/room temp then compressor it’s not pumping properly. A proper diagnosis at this point needs to be done by checking the pressures on both side of compressor. A certified refrigeration technician must do these test. If the side pressure is in a vacuum, add a little gas and see if the pressure rises and stays there. If it rises and falls back down it immediately it usually isn’t a leak. Probably a restriction. You need to be sure the compressor is getting the correct voltage. There should be a chart on the back of the refrigerator with test point and voltages. I’d check the voltage before checking the pressures.