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Original post by: JPB ,


No cooling either compartment, compressor and all fans sound normal


Sudden complete loss of cooling both compartments, despite that (multi-speed inverter) compressor, consenser, and both evaporator cooling fans run and sound normal continuously.  Test modes produce no error codes on control panel nor inverter control board (solid compressor L.E.D., no blink codes).  Condenser never gets warm and neither evaporator ever gets cold.  Wondering if leak caused total loss of refrigerant, but then wouldn't compressor sound unusual, not run, or run only for short intervals?  Or could refrigerant flow be restricted somewhere (perhaps at the 3-way stepper-motor diverter valve) without causing compressor to sound or act abnormally? Or is this just the way these compressors (Samsung MKV190C-L2B E01) fail? I'm puzzled, and would appreciate any knowledgeable help in diagnosing my problem. Want to know for myself what's most likely wrong before I call a technician.  I have control system background, but in electro-mechanical systems vs. refrigeration. Thanks!


Samsung RFG293HA refrigerator