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Original post by: Kadan Sharpe ,


'''Alvaro''', the Fitbit Community Manager, suggests performing [|these steps]:

=== ''Try restarting your tracker by doing the following:'' ===

''Press and hold the '''Back''' and '''Select''' buttons (left and bottom right) until you see the Fitbit logo on the screen. This should take less than 10 seconds. Then, let go of the buttons.''

''If your tracker doesn’t work normally, turn off your tracker manually by performing these additional steps:''

# ''Swipe right to left on the home screen to the '''Settings''' screen.''
# ''Tap '''Settings''' and scroll down to '''Shutdown'''.''
# ''Tap '''Shutdown''' and confirm.''
# ''To turn your Blaze back on, press any button.''
# ''Sync your tracker as soon as you turn it back on. If you don't, the time may be incorrect.''

''Try this 3 times in a row.''

''Also if you have any alarms please deactivate them and sync your tracker.''

If that doesn’t fix the issue, then they ask that you contact Fitbit Support [|here].