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Mr. Hodson,

Please direct me to the iFixit link forbidding a certain number of tags.

Those tags were not entirely self-serving as they may assist other visitors in search queries that lead them to my questions and (hopefully) quality answers.

I don't know this for a fact, but the tags may increase iFixit's PR on search engines.

And all of the tags were words or subjects contained in my questions.

But so far, all responses to my question (save one; thank you Brett Hartt) have been flames. Do they serve iFixit's raison d'etre?

Finally, it's amusing that you would compare me to a car salesman on Craigslist when you state that your "most time-consuming and costly hobby, though, is definitely my car."

It's not mine, and I've never sold a car on Craigslist (or ever used Craigslist, for that matter).

My experience on iFixit is soured. I thought it would be different, and may give up on the site altogether. All I've gotten so far is flack and criticism for asking questions in a site (supposedly) devoted to eliciting and answering questions.

Michael Donahue