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Original post by: stephenthomasmd ,


That seems to be the consensus of various places I looked, so I purchased a power board and replaced it; but no change.  14 repeating blinks.  Then I got to looking around even more  online,  and   Several forums that technicians  frequented, could be one of three boards    Most likely the power board, then the A board and then one of the other boards, the long thin board on the left-hand side, looking at it from the back.    The board that has all the connections is the next most likely bad board which I recently procured on eBay.   I’ll be replacing that soon and I’ll get back with the results .   Seems to be a common problem with this really popular plasma TV back in 2011, the Panasonic ST 30 series.   I remember being so amazed by the picture quality and the 3-D  Version of  avatar Blu-ray that came with it.  The fellow that spent 11 years  that I seem to recall it was their primary person involved in   Developing  that 3-D movie wouldn’t allow the 3-D version to be viewed on any other 3-D TV except the ST 30 series and above.   For several years you could not buy the 3-D version commercially, only the 2-D version .   I was in sales in the electronics department at the Sears at the time and always thought that was a peculiar deal that’s it could be set up that way.