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Original post by: Benson Mophakedi ,


hello good people. I have finally found a permanent solution to this ASUS HDD problem. the HDD control board in my ASUS X555L connects to the main motherboard via contact. So if there is not contact between the two boards.. the main motherhood which houses all main opponents cannot communicated with the hard-drive. I bought a similar board in ebay and upon removing the old one, I realised that the contact pins on the HDD board has been broken. I replaced with the new board which did not work for some reason. I then bought a HDD caddy . I removed my Dvd rom and put my hard-rive in the caddy and connected. Bang!!!! it works with out a need to reinstall anything. The logic is her… The optical drive bay SATA connector is directly connected to the main motherboard. so, I sacrificed an DVD for a hard-drive… my computer works fine… if I need to use a DVD or CD i will connect an external DVD drive. my recommendation is the hard-drive caddy