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Original post by: Jeff Snelgrove ,


Ok so my iPhone 8 Plus screen (the screen that came on my iPhone straight out of the box) started to do the whole random touch craziness… it got so bad that it actually caused my phone to disable itself and I had to wipe my entire phone. A normal person would probably always remember what ,both, the unlock code to get into the their phone AND the password to the iCloud used when setting g up the iPhone right??! Well, NOT ME..

I just became way to comfortable with the Touch ID feature because the only time I had to ever use the actual password for my iCloud was when I set it up initially, and after that, I would always just use the Touch ID to retrieve the stored password I had entered following  the initial entry. The same goes for the unlock code that I initially set up, so that no one, other than myself, would be able to gain access to my phone. I entered it once, and that passcode was never thought of again since I immediately entered it into my phone’s stored passwords section.

Now, I know you must be thinking, “Didn’t you have to enter in, at the very least, the unlock code after the phone ‘s battery life was used up”?  That’s just it though,  I never let my phone’s battery drop below 6%.  Thinking back, I really am regretting not glancing  at the password(s) a lot more than what I had done.

I had kept a perfect personal record of not having to enter either  password for the last year and a half.  Then, the screen started going crazy and the next thing I knew, my phone was disabled and the only way to fix it was to wipe everything!!! Yep, passwords and all were gone.   I was screwed.

Not even a full 24 hours after my phone disabled itself, I dropped it face down and shattered the entire screen. So I went and had the screen replaced. Everything works exactly like it should. Except for the True Tone. I am running iOS 12.3.2 and I can’t find it anywhere.

So, for those who are waiting and hoping the next software update to fix the issue, I believe you will be waiting a while… I mean A WHILE!!