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Original post by: Alex Snith ,


'''Check out the below steps to get Magellan GPS Update?'''

* Provide a power source to the GPS unit so as to charge the battery level and ensure a smooth update.
* [|Install Magellan content Manager] from the main [|official website] of Magellan and launch the same using your account information.
* In case you have not created a personal  account on the main website, create one right away. The main page will  help you to create an account with step by step directions.
* Link your computer and GPS unit using a USB cable and turn on on the GPS unit manually if it does not automatically turn on.
* Subsequently, right click upon the  content manager icon located in the system tray in your Windows. Choose  OS X and check out the update now. In case any [|Magellan GPS Update] available for your  GPS unit, they will be prompted right here on your screen.
* Install the update in your GPS unit at once the installation is completed, disconnect the device right away.
* The GPS unit shall restart automatically on its own.