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Original post by: Ricca ,


How to disable internal keyboard and make the POWER button works?


Dear all,

I spilled a little bit of water on the keyboard of MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2010.

As result, the left SHIFT button is seen sometimes as being pushed, therefore the Mac boots in safe mode and I can not use the os-x, since all operations are seen as with the SHIFT button being pressed.

I was reading a lot in the forum, but I can not replace the top case with another one. So I was thinking to:

- remove the keyboard cable from the logic board and use always an external usb keyboard. However, this method will not allow me to switch on the Mac.

Is there a way to connect the power button to some pins in the logic board to make the mac power up?

Thank you a lot!


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010