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Original post by: Juan Davison ,


There are lots of reason why the washer does not drain water. If the washer machine does not drain water, the pump belt may have broken or worn out. You have to check the belt plus drain pump as well because it drains pump might be defective and replace it if it shows any wrong signs. You must identify the fault of the drain pump or drain hose before replacing. Try to remove the hoses from the pump to remove the clothing piece. Note that the water in the washing machine will come out of the holes when it is removed. There is a lid switch which could be defective because of assembling malfunction.

Test all the switches and door lock motor with the Ohm meter for continuity. This washer is implemented with a device near the water pump described a coin trap, and it could be clog so as not to drain the water. Here, [|washing machine maintenance tips and how to fix the leak] can help to get rid of the issue.