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Original post by: Flarnity ,


Drilling stripped screws out


Hi there, I have some T3 screws, at least it used to be until it's pretty much stripped.

I have try tipping the screwdriver with cyanoacrylate, hammering the screw head with a flathead screwdriver to create a slot, rubber band.

I'm seriously considering to drill the screw since some are recessed, so I can't dremel it.

Here are the specification of the screws.

1.38mm stem diameter

2.68mm head diameter

counter clockwise to unscrew

I'm considering to use a 1/16" drill bit.

Some questions I wanted to know the answers before proceeding.

Will some of the screw left behind so I can't install a new screw into the hole?

Does the rotation of the drill bit matter?









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