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Original post by: Colin Fletcher ,


Hi Felix, try connecting your GPS to an older version of Windows.   Probably Windows 7.     A lot of drivers were not integrated into Windows 8/Windows 10.    Its both Magellan’s and Windows fault.   There are still lots of computers out there running older O/S systems.    Any operating system will work.   Just not Windows 8 or Windows 10.   Good luck!    I found this fix as a last desperate attempt to fix the time and out dated maps on my Magellan 5520.

Strangely…no internet web sites gave this solution and neither did the Magellan techs know either.   By the way.   The Windows ‘compatibility’ thing is useless.  Don’t even try it.    Find yourself an older system out there…run everything like you have been doing.   It should work.   Let me know.