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Original post by: Jake ,


"My 3ds blue light turns on then off" Homebrew mistake


Hello I messed up my 3ds and would like if you guys could point me in the right direction. If my console is bricked that’s fine I was just wondering if its possible to fix my console. I was installing a GBA emulator was following a guide online with these steps:

1. Go into DS Download Play 2.Press the L and down on D-pad and SELECT at same time to open rosalina menu 3. Go to Miscellaneous options then press "Switch the hb. title to current app." 4. Exit Download Play then go back in and it should now be homebrew, Now go into FBI app 5. Press SD then go into "cias" Then press "<current directory>"  6. Press "Install and delete all CIAs" 7. Now do frogtool from 9:30 to restore Download Play 8. Your done! You may now go watch a video on how to install cia games.

I was homebrewing the device and essentially deleted all of my Cias off of my console I deleted mostly everything off the console. Now it wont turn on anymore sadly. The blue light flashes on for a second but wont turn on with an SD card or not. I was just wondering if someone could possibly help me reinstalling some software to maybe get it to turn on again so I can get back to fixing it.


Nintendo 3DS XL 2015