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Original post by: T. Reichle ,


My Magic Bullet does it too and has, since day 1.  I was not smart enough to return it, when I could, so I guess I am S.O.L. but I also like it for small smoothies.  I have recently discovered that screwing it on tightly, and only running it for a short time (15 - 20 seconds) anď even holding it down, while blending, I have managed to make smoothies with frozen fruit, juice and water, without leaking.  Today, it went back to leaking right through the base (motor) from the blade cap … a lot.  So much that I was afrraid the motor would burn out so I put it away to dry out and might not touch it again for a few weeks.  Note that I let it blend a lot longer, before I stopped it.

One other thing I noticed is that the blade cap loosens, the longer you blend.  I usually stop after about 15 - 20 seconds, tighten it and do another 15 or 20 seconds.  I agree that this is way to much effort for the high expense of this tiny unit but I am afraid of burning the motor out and cannot afford to waste more money.  I have a good immersion blender that works well but it is difficult to limit myself to a smaller volume.  Magic Bullet size is perfect!

Yes, there is a (difficult to see) gasket but I agree that it has to be a design flaw.  Blending should never loosen a tight cap.  I will go back to the finneky practice, I described earlier because that is all that works.  I hope my suggestions save others some effort.  Thanks for listening! … Terry