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Original post by: Remi Paluszak ,


Thank you, yes, I had bought a used one on ebay and it works fine. My experience with the surface book and Microsoft has been truly miserable this past 8 months. At first, I noticed the device would not charge when it was running … or it would charge only intermittently. Considering I was already on my third charger I thought that was it.  A new one did not solve the problem but it seemed that moving the plug in the port would allow the device to charge - I questioned a bent or broken pin inside the charging port and after magnifying it found that to be true. I tried to bend it in place but it was inconsistent … eventually it broke off, hence the need for a new keyboard. In between I had been on/off with MS support, made sure everything is updated, all diagnostics run, etc.

I got a new keyboard, yet the problem persisted. The device only charged now if it was in standby and run extremely hot. After more time with MS support and more updates no change. The surface now began to run slowly, CPU at a constant 40%. I tried a few things and ended up uninstalling the Nvidia drivers and software and reinstalling it and, at this point, this seems to have fixed the problem. This made me really consider switching OS.