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Original post by: Steve Godun ,


Rice and similar home remedies don't work, and in fact often cause more harm. Right now you have Schrodinger's Phone; it's both broken and not-broken. Its destiny depends a bit on luck and a lot on what you do next.

The PROPER thing to do is a COMPLETE disassembly, inspection, and cleaning of the motherboard. Reassemble using new ancillary parts (new charging port, new home flex cable, new rear camera, etc), install a new screen and battery, and hope for the best. The good news is if the phone turns on and functions properly after doing this, the odds are very high that there are no secret/unknown problems with the phone and it will likely have a normal lifespan.

If you cut corners (e.g., just replace the screen) then you run the risk of allowing corrosion, contamination, or electrical issues to affect your phone in possibly strange and/or phone-damaging ways. A tiny bit of contamination or oxidation under the wrong part of a chip can be a phone-destroying issue.