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Original post by: Bill Nelson ,


I’ve not had any trouble with mine for a little over a week now. I’ve been using it the same way in the same place and everything is working properly. It does start to act up on occasion and I have a little bottle of anti-static spray That you spritz on the front of your shirt in your hand and the problem goes away. I believe the issue is static electricity. From what I’ve read of users with problems, most are using them in their lap. (You mentioned laying in bed). When you’re arms and the iPad are touching the same cloth is where I notice the problem, I believe our fingers are becoming static neutral. If you don’t want to get and use static spray, next time it happens hold the iPad up in the air with one hand take the other hand and lightly rub around the metal perimeter of the iPad with the other hand. And then start to use it again and see if that works.