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Original post by: Azazelo ,


Wifi very weak, but antenna correctly attached


Hi guys and gals and non-binary folk!

I got my hands on an Asus x205ta (used, off a local eBay type site) and managed to get it working just fine.

The issue I noted was that the wifi range was appalling. I took it apart, and inspected the cable connecting to the wifi chip - I unseated and then re-seated it carefully, making sure it clicked right.

Once I removed the cable, the connectivity was lost entirely. Once I placed it back, it went up to one bar (for comparison, I have the same type of notebook right next to this one, showing full strength on the home network). The router in this scenario is about 3 feet (one meter) away and unobstructed.

I then took it apart, and removed the screen bezel to be able to follow the antenna cable, but it all seemed to be well seated an connected. There were no visible sign of damage on the cable itself, nor on the antenna connection.

I also tried treating this as a potential software issue  and downloaded the drivers from the Asus site for the correct Win version (win10 32bit).

Any advice is appreciated!



Asus EeeBook X205TA