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Original post by: Benaam ,


Sure you can easily upgrade your Tablet to a latest version. In order to do that you have to follow some steps:

# First Go to Settings and in the lower end you’ll find an option for “Software Update”. Just tap on it and it will automatically search for latest update (If arrived).
# If the update will be possible than it will automatically update your tablet. If it is not than you should try another source. But you should remain in your already installed software because it is better for your tab. Because some times some external updates may cause problem.
# But if you want to do that than you may find some sites like [|Trio Tablets] or [|Fineapkapps]. In these sites there is a lot of discussion about Software updates etc.
# I think these sites will help you in your problem.
# If you’re Helped by my advice, than Give a Like in Return. Thanks