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Original post by: Goosekeeper ,


I reported mine at the Genius Bar last week. They did consider it an issue. The guy who helped me felt that it was most likely software related, due to it starting right after the last iOS update (12.1.4). He suggested two options:

1) report it to the technicians who log it. The more common the issue is for users, the more likely it’ll be addressed sooner. Wait for the next iOS update to see if this issue is specifically addressed. If the issue is not addressed and handled within a month or so, by means of update, bring in for replacement

2) replace the iPad on the spot.

I opted for for #1

also: DO NOT steam your iPad by bringing it in the bathroom with you while you shower, as recommended above. Terrible advice.  Reckless, if not willfully destructive. You will likely water-damage your device, therefor voiding any warranty or coverage.