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I have a similar issue with the same keys on an Apple aluminum keyboard, with the numeral pad on the right side. It is wired.

But my issue also includes four keys on the opposite side of the keyboard, 2, w, s, and x. When I type a letter on either side, the letter in the same row on the other side types with it, as in:





I have been unable to get it to stop typing two letters when I type one of those keys. But all the other keys on the keyboard work fine.

I have tried a NVRAM reset, and SMC reset, used a USB extension cord, and yes, used 99% electronics alcohol to see if it will do something to clean something and solve the problem — taking the key top off and putting a small amount of the alcohol on the board there and swishing it around. And then  shaking it out gentle and turning it upside down, letting that dry for a week or more.

Oddly, it will work for maybe a minute when I first plug in, whether I have cleaned it with the alcohol first or not, as long as it has been unplugged long enough. But after that minute, or once for a few minutes, back to double letters. So, it will work right, it just won’t continue to work right.  It so maddening, seeing that it will actually work right for a short time.

I got a second of the same keyboards off eBay. It worked great for about two months. Then out of nowhere, the 2, w, s, and x keys — same ones as four of those on the first keyboard — just stopped working at all, they will not type no matter what I do, all the same things I tried with the other keyboard.

And yes, I looked all into the breakdown of the keyboard — that cannot be done and put back together other than I guess at the factory if even there.

So, sorry, I have no ideas to offer — just another plea for ideas. These things cost WAY too much to just stop working like this, and no solution other than buy a new one! Gee, I have some other keyboards around that are 20+ years old and still work fine, but not the hyper-expensive Apple keyboard.