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Original post by: den ,


'''''This, is the answer you seek''''': RGB components dont apply to LCD tv, so you can ignore that (liquid crytal is clear, not coloured) The Blue LED phenomenon exists in LED backlights that are manyfactured by a company called Vestel. Notorious in the TV trade for building sub-standard TVs, and, supplying parts to other manufacturers. Once the Vestel LEDS begin to age, they turn blue, then blow. (its unlikely youl see them blow, as you’ll be so sick of watching a blue tv, youd have done something about it before they had the chance)

The solution is to replace the backlight LED array in its entirity, and not with a Vestel built kit, but any other 3rd party array.

HOWEVER…. Consumer rights act 2015 may provide you wih an alternative way out. The TV must be fit for purpose for 6 years after the date of purchase, otherwise the company you bought it from are liable. Net result = 1 free telly.