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Original post by: M. Asbaat Amar ,


'''There's a TL;DR at the end!'''

Hello there! I'm the owner of a 12.9" iPad Pro (2nd Gen - 2017). My iPad was too affected by the unresponsive touch problem. I constantly browsed forums for hours after hours trying to find a solution. Different things worked for different people. Some of them include:

* Turning off blue-tooth
* Turning off analytics
* Turning off background refresh
* Turning off widgets

Finally some people just gave up the iPad and got a replacement.


However, in a forum, one person suggested to remove the '''BACKCOVER''' of the iPad.


I soon realized that the iPad was working fine UNTIL i put on the back-cover. I am not being biased against the use of it and that's the reason I won't be mentioning its name here. I observed that it had 4-6 very strong magnets. A thought struck my mind - maybe it was the magnets that were interfering with its accelerometer.


So I removed its back-cover.


The funny thing is that it didn't just go away. '''It took 3-4 days to completely heal'''. Every day, the problem was gone by 30%, until today, I used my iPad for 10 hours straight. In different angles, smudging the screen with oils and dirt(yeah). using it in different orientations. '''BUT NO SIGN OF ANY UNRESPONSIVE TOUCH'''.


So, I don't think it will work for everybody but give it a try whoever has a back-cover on their iPad and is suffering from this problem.

Also, I would like to thank all the people who kept this post going and helping out those people suffering from this problem. I especially wanted to return the favor by giving my own solution. Again, Thank you!


'''TL;DR: Remove the back-cover (especially if it contains lots of magnets)'''