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Original post by: Lucas ,


Hi @gachaz

for first, if your mobilephone is '''damaged''' by water, '''it will be damaged forever'''. Inside of mobilephone, there is some '''special protective layer''', which '''protect your phone against corrosion''' caused chemical reaction between '''air''' and '''PCBA’s material'''. This protective layer '''can be removed by water''' and '''after the layer is removed''', your mobilphobe - PCBA - '''will not be protected against corrosion'''. Also, the firts what you have to do after your mobilephone was in water, is '''remove battery, SIM, SD Card''' and '''protect your phone against shorts''' caused from battery to PCBA, but there are a lot of  condenser, which are having charge, so '''you will be lucky, if the mobilephone will be fine''', but not for a long time.

Anyway, if you want to dry your phone, you have to use special - '''silica gel''' - which having best absorption of water/humidity. [br]


See attached images below.

'''Your mobilphone will be fine only for recover your necessary data - it will die anway.'''